Fadzly “Phuttz” as he is commonly known, got his first buzz in the film industry as a Production Assistant. What started out as a job to earn some money for gas and food, he worked his way up from sweeping the floors to wearing the hats of Producer, Assistant Director and finally onto becoming an award winning Film Director. These different roles have given him a well-rounded knowledge on how to film a script.

Passionate and versatile, he has a natural flair for storytelling driven spots. Especially humour spots, as this reflects his personality. Always a joy to work with, he brings his charm and energy on set, and also all of his enthusiasm and passion are channeled through the lens, making him one of the forerunners within the directing talents in Malaysia.

His years of experience has allowed him to work with clients such as Sony, Coca Cola, Toyota, Telekom, Petronas, P&G, Nestle, Perodua, Citibank, Unilever to name a few.